Why Choose MSN?


The MSN Difference

While most billing companies will say they perform this task regularly, MSN finds “missing charges” to consistently be one of the biggest areas of lost revenue when we take over new clients. MSN works with all of your sites of service to get comprehensive logs of procedures performed, whether they can be attained electronically or on paper. We analyze these logs daily to ensure that we are capturing and billing all procedures performed. It is important to note that this is not a periodic “spot check”, but a regular on-going daily process.
MSN’s coding staff, led by Walt Blackham, Renee Engle and Rusty Harris, code based upon the physician documentation. MSN provides continual feedback to its clients on the completeness and appropriateness of their documentation. Our goal is to never have to down code any procedure for lack of complete documentation.
MSN utilizes the Imagine Radiology billing system and tools provided by its clearinghouse, Capario, to scrub claims on multiple levels prior to processing for payment. MSN maintains a 98.7% claim acceptance rate based upon these tools, reducing denials rates and getting claims paid faster.
MSN loads negotiated fee schedules into the billing system. MSN personnel regularly analyze payments to assure they agree with negotiated fee schedules.
Many companies accept what is paid and write off claims that are denied, providing little to no denied claims follow-up. MSN realizes that these claims represent the marginal dollars that truly make a difference in your practice’s bottom line. MSN Billing personnel utilize work-lists and take aggressive action on all claims that are denied, including researching medical necessity issues.
MSN utilizes automated phone call technology which allows patients to pay their bill over the phone. In addition, personal telephone calls are made to those over a certain balance requesting either a payment in full or through a coupon payment plan. Credit card payments are encouraged in order to obtain payment quickly. MSN’s patient portal is an on-line tool that allows patients to pay their bill, e-mail MSN with questions and chat live with an MSN representative.
MSN works collaboratively with the agency of your choice in providing a download of information on overdue accounts. MSN also negotiates and implements “early out” processes with specific collection agencies in order to take advantage of tools available to them as an agency. We continue to monitor the effectiveness of the agency (and MSN) based upon collection performance.
MSN realizes competitive reimbursements that are based on a methodology other than a multiple or percentage of Medicare. For example: a conversion factor with an inflation factor. MSN addresses other contractual issues that impact billing and collections, including timely filing limits, ability to unilaterally change contract terms, and the comprehensive provision of procedures that require pre-authorization.
MSN’s utilization of a real-time relational database system allows for true visibility into your practice’ performance on a continual basis. MSN employs efficient electronic processing and work- list oriented follow- up tools. MSN offers on-line patient payments to speed up and simplify payment and allow on-line chat capability. MSN has created a unique Physician Portal for enhanced and effective communication between your physicians and our staff.
MSN bases fees on a comparison with regional and national norms. MSN makes sure no money is left on the table.


MSN was founded in 1996 by Bo Trotter whose experience in radiology practice management and billing dates to 1976. As the practice administrator of a 24-physician radiology group in Columbus, Georgia, one of Bo’s responsibilities was the groups billing and accounts receivable management. MSN was founded as the result of other groups seeking Bo’s services in the realm of practice management, billing and accounts receivable management services. In 1990, the local anesthesiology group approached him about their billing and MSN was founded as the result of other groups doing likewise. Today the company has grown to over 130 clients and 400 employees.
MSN was founded and is currently owned and managed by “in-the-trenches” medical business managers. This not only provides the organization with extensive in-depth knowledge and experience of how an effective medical business office should operate, but also provides a wealth of resources for the overall business of the practice. No other company can match the talent and experience that MSN brings to the table in support of its physicians. MSN is extremely proactive throughout its operations. Coding is a good example; MSN conducts internal and external coding audits ongoing; in addition, MSN retains outside consultants to audit client coding annually. MSN is a private company, which means that MSN’s sole focus is the business of its physicians. MSN is not subject to juggling shareholder demands such as percent growth goals and higher stock price against physicians’ demands for more accountability and increased revenues.
MSN estimates a billing fee based on each practice’s scope of work. Critical areas to consider in proposing a fee include payer mix; electronic interfaces; mix of modalities, and physician coding. MSN offers a billing evaluation, at no charge to the practice, to allow for an educated, data-based proposal at the front-end. MSN views the billing fee as the resources physicians are willing to allocate for the collection of their revenues. Although MSN may not always be the cheapest option, experience shows that the difference is more than made up for in the bottom line results acheived.
No. MSN’s billing fee is comprehensive and includes all start-up activities.
It depends! Several staffing options are available to Clients, including

A fully-staffed office on-site with connectivity to an existing MSN office;
A smaller office on-site with one or two employees who provide on-site support to an established MSN office;
One contracted employee who is paid a nominal monthly fee for limited on-site support;
All billing and accounts receivable management functions are handled in an established MSN billing office with trained, experienced billing personnel

Yes. MSN continually provides feedback to its physician clients as to the completeness of their documentation. Even before you go live with MSN, our staff offers an evaluation of documentation, by physician, followed by consistent and timely feedback and updates going forward.
Absolutely. There is a substantial correlation between the contracts negotiated and the practice’s business and we firmly believe that, at a minimum, MSN should be advising the practice about prospective contracts. In addition, for a successful negotiation, practices need information about:

The potential impact of a particular contract;
Anticipated volume and if current business is compromised;
Anticipated impact of a particular fee schedule; etc.

If a practice would like support at the negotiating table or would like MSN to serve as its representative, we are certainly available in this capacity as well.

Yes, MSN provides a full scope of physician credentialing services.
No. MSN installs all equipment and software as a part of its “Services Agreement” with a practice. In addition, all upgrades, building of electronic interfaces, and enhancements are provided at no additional charge to the practice.
Yes, our Clients meet with senior management monthly and more frequently upon request. These meetings focus on billing performance, identified areas for improvement, physician documentation feedback and advice on topics relevant to the physicians, for example the reduction in the physician work RVUs and its impact on Medicare payments.
MSN has invested in a state-of-the-art billing system through Technology Partners, Inc. (TPI) called Imagine. Imagine is truly a “next generation” billing system that has been designed specifically for high-volume specialties and incorporates technologies that are typically available only available as “add-on” modules. The software utilizes distributed work lists to easily automate and manage workflow. It also allows for real-time management reporting and monitoring quickly, easily, and on-demand. MSN, with its vast experience in medical billing, has established a close working relationship with TPI on the continued development and enhancement of the Imagine software.
MSN produces a “standard” set of reports that can be customized per the Client’s request. The purpose of this set of reports is to provide the radiologists with a summary of their business according to:
Accounts by pay class that are outstanding in the accounts receivable
Three-year trending, by month, of procedures (volume), charges, payments, charge adjustments, and refunds;
Charges, payments, and procedures by site of service/location
Summary of charge adjustments and write-offs
Charges, procedures, and payments by modality, month-to-date and year-to-date
Charges, payments and adjustments by payer class, month-to-date and year-to-date MSN’s billing software, Imagine, also allows for an unlimited number of reports through several reporting tools and formats (any of which can be exported into an Excel or text file).