2016 CPT Code Changes

November 4, 2015

Dear MSN Clients and Friends,

The new, revised and deleted CPT codes have been released for 2016. These codes will be effective beginning with January 1, 2016 dates of service. Your documentation should be tailored to these changes by that date. To help you stay informed, our team has prepared this overview of some of the most significant changes and revisions you can expect.

As with the last few years, we continue to see bundling of procedures that are performed 75% of the time together. We anticipate this to increase, as the focus is now on procedures performed together 50% of the time. Most significant bundling is in the interventional (Intracranial Endovascular) and special procedures (Biliary & Urinary) area. Hip and pelvis was also identified this year as well as intravascular US (IVUS).

There are new codes for Fetal – MRI, percutaneous sclerotherapy of fluid collections, percutaneous placement of a marker for soft tissue localization as well as Nuclear Medicine gastric emptying studies to specify small bowel and colon transit. The Radiation Therapy high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy code set was revised to differentiate between radionuclide skin surface, interstitial and intracavitary brachytherapy.

Most of the deleted codes were replaced by new bundled codes. Laryngography was deleted due to the service no longer being provided in this fashion.

The revisions were all wording changes for clarification.

Detailed descriptions of the new, deleted and revised codes are summarized in the attached document.

Please contact either of us or your MSN representative if you have questions.


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