Business Intelligence

Electronic Dashboards

Many physicians and their managers are visually oriented individuals and MSN’s technology offers customized electronic dashboards to provide “at-a-glance” representations of important benchmarks and measures at any given time.

Real Time Reporting

Access to information is a necessity in today’s competitive and financially challenging healthcare environment. The ability to request and receive information in a timely manner becomes critical when having to make the business decisions needed to ensure that your practice thrives. You should not have to wait until the end of a month, week or even day to be able to see and manipulate your practice’s data. MSN’s technology employs Real-time reporting which gives you access to your current, updated data at any time.

Today’s healthcare reimbursement climate is shifting the focus from volume to value. MSN has invested in the technological infrastructure to help our Clients navigate the complexities and transformations that that our industry is facing today. We have partnered with Business Intelligence (BI) firm, AdvancedBI, to offer Clients an exclusive, robust BI solution.

Our BI team includes expertise in billing operations, practice management, data warehouse engineering, and healthcare data science. MSN’s intelligence solutions will allow Clients to monitor and manage the pulse of their practices’ revenue cycle to include comparative metrics and benchmarking. Our data warehouse is designed to allow Clients to also integrate data feeds from disparate systems (i.e. RIS, PACS, accounting, scheduling software) to facilitate each Client’s strategic practice goals as they work to define and drive value propositions in their business relationships.