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AdvyzeBI – MSN’s Advanced Business Intelligence Platform

About MSN's AdvyzeBI Platform

There’s a lot of talk about Business Intelligence. But how does it benefit your practice?

Intelligent insights for your practice. MSN’s business intelligence platform, AdvyzeBI, delivers a suite of dashboards and analytics tools to enhance all areas of decision-making. Disparate data sources including clinical, financial, physician scheduling, and quality measures are integrated into one central data repository.

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Revenue Cycle Insights

AdvyzeBI delivers true visibility into data to improve practice performance. MSN's advanced intelligence platform offers both dashboard and drill-through reporting tools to analyze multi-dimensional datasets and provide insights into the revenue cycle.

Physician Productivity
and Capacity

MSN clients leverage the power of AdvyzeBI for comprehensive productivity measurement and to optimize physician resources through analysis of multiple, relevant criteria. This advanced intelligence platform provides a practice the ability to analyze:

MSN clients have the best tools to capacity plan, allocate resources, and balance work based on slot analysis, physician capacity, and shift productivity.

Industry Involvement
and Leadership

Our active involvement in business intelligence enables MSN to proactively advise clients on regulatory policy changes and updates, compliance issues, documentation changes, and legislation.

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