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4 doctors in white lab coats talking in a huddle to decide billing options for anesthesia care team

Medical Billing For Anesthesia Care Team Cases

Anesthesia groups who employ their CRNAs have the option to bill their cases as medicallydirected or non-medically directed. This article is intended to explain the difference in both billing models, and to provide guidance to practices as they consider their options.

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Vials with lidocaine anesthesia prepared for operation in an operating room, anesthesia bundled services

Anesthesia Bundled Services

When performing an anesthetic, there are many clinical services that are provided by anesthesia practitioners. This article is intended to discuss the procedures considered inclusive of the standard anesthesia base unit value, along with items that can be billed under certain circumstances

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Medical Billing Compliance Checkup form and a stethoscope

The Compliance Plan Check-Up

Do you worry you have compliance issues? Feel something is wrong and worry you could be personally liable? Gain a deeper understanding with this Compliance Plan Check-Up

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Wide view image of male hand drawing a line between two wooden pegs for a silhouette of a man to walk across. Over yellow background with copy space.

Bridging the Gap

Moving to a new medical billing company doesn’t have to be painful or scary. Let MSN Healthcare Solutions help you make a smooth transition.

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Anesthesiologist with needle anesthesia billing

Anesthesia Billing Primer

MSN Healthcare Solutions has provided billing services to anesthesia groups for nearly 30 years, so we understand your challenges. Our Anesthesia Billing Primer will help maximize your anesthesia billing efforts.

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