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ClearSurvey – MSN’s Digital Survey Platform

About ClearSurvey

Custom Patient Satisfaction Surveys Made Easy

ClearSurvey is a healthcare survey tool that offers an easy-to-use and inexpensive option for medical practices of all specialties to assess various areas of practice operations. Our patient satisfaction survey tool collects valuable feedback by reaching patients via text message and email.

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Focused on the Patient Experience

We understand that the patient experience is more than the patient-provider interaction. To meet the holistic needs of your practice, we offer customizable surveying solutions to enable you to gather insight across your practice’s operations, from scheduling to patient care and communication.

MSN's Client-Centric Approach

At MSN Healthcare Solutions we have a client-centric approach, providing medical billing and practice management services, as well as being a CMS-approved QCDR. As an extension of these core revenue cycle management services, we added ClearSurvey as part of a holistic approach to our clients’ business needs. ClearSurvey is available to any practice, but as an MSN client, this survey solution integrates seamlessly with the existing billing and MIPS Registry systems.