MSN Client Profile: Anand Singh, MD

professional headshot of Anand Singh, MD helped develop new radiology measures for 2021
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MSN Client Profile: Anand Singh, MD

DPX Imaging, PSC

DXP Imaging, PSC, is based in Louisville, KY and consists of 24 physicians and 3 physician extenders. DXP covers 2 hospitals and one practice-owned imaging center, providing imaging services to the Louisville metro area as well as surrounding counties in southern Indiana. DXP has a robust interventional radiology practice and staffs the busiest women’s imaging center in the area.

Anand Singh, MD has played a busy leadership role with the practice and also worked last year with the MSN/Mednax MIPS QCDR physician work group as they collaborated to develop new radiology measures for 2021. (Of eight proposed measures developed by the work group, five were approved).   

“I have been with DXP for 10 years,” Dr. Singh said. “In addition to being a partner radiologist, I serve as the team lead for quality assurance.  In the past, I also functioned as the group’s workforce management coordinator, including physician scheduling.”

Prior to DXP 

Radiologist in Air Force uniform sitting at desk

Prior to joining DXP, Dr. Singh completed his residency at Washington University in St. Louis (2005), and then served as an active duty radiologist for the United States Air Force, attaining the rank of Major and deploying to Iraq in 2006.  He then completed subspecialty training in musculoskeletal imaging in 2010 and subsequently joined DXP.

Market Challenges

When asked about market challenges faced by DXP, Dr. Singh responded, “The Affordable Care Act increased the number of Kentucky Medicaid patients in our practice, while CMS also bundled payments in multiple areas, primarily affecting our breast imaging and interventional radiology service lines. These actions created both upward and downward pressures on reimbursement. The ongoing shift towards value-based care placed a premium on our ability to show quality care as a component of our ongoing clinical care through PQRS and MIPS programs. As the COVID-19 situation began this year, volume dropped to 50% of pre- pandemic levels in April and May, creating a large amount of uncertainty with respect to incoming revenue and future growth opportunities.”

Long Time Client

DXP has been a client of MSN Healthcare Solutions for 20 years and Dr. Singh stated, “MSN is a very engaged partner, meeting with us personally twice a year and remotely every month, to update our group on our current income metrics and future revenue considerations. Knowing MSN has many layers of experience from the local to national level gives us confidence in their leadership. The most striking example of MSN’s commitment to our group is its outstanding support in navigating DXP through the MIPS quality measures for the last 5 years. Thanks to their guidance, our group is a national leader in quality metrics amongst all MSN practices.”

Outstanding Quality Care

“Providing outstanding quality care to patients is a team effort in the changing landscape of medicine,” Dr. Singh continued.  “Given the complex nature of healthcare economics, having a trusted partner to navigate these issues is essential to continued success for any successful company.”

“With their years of experience in a wide range of services from billing to quality assurance, MSN is an integral part of our team. In no small part to their efforts, our group is on sound financial footing with an excellent future growth vector. I would recommend everyone to reach out to MSN to find out how they can help support their organization.”