CPT 88321, 88323 and 88325

CPT 88321, 88323 and 88325 – Consult CPT codes

There are three CPT codes that can be used if you receive a consult request on referred materials.
88321 – Consultation and report on referred slides prepared elsewhere.
88323 – Consultation and report on referred material requiring preparation of slides.
88325 – Consultation, comprehensive, with review of records and specimens, with report on referred
CPT codes 88321-88325 describe surgical pathology consultation services to review slides, tissues, or
other material obtained, prepared, and interpreted at a different location by a different pathologist and
referred to another pathologist for a second opinion.
It should be noted that these are outside consultation request and not peer reviews. Certain criteria
must be met.
These CPT codes should not be reported together on the same consult case.