Why Choose MSN?


The MSN Difference

While most billing companies will say they perform this task regularly, MSN finds “missing charges” to consistently be one of the biggest areas of lost revenue when we take over new clients. MSN works with all of your sites of service to get comprehensive logs of procedures performed, whether they can be attained electronically or on paper. We analyze these logs daily to ensure that we are capturing and billing all procedures performed. It is important to note that this is not a periodic “spot check”, but a regular on-going daily process.


MSN was founded in 1996 by Bo Trotter whose experience in radiology practice management and billing dates to 1976. As the practice administrator of a 24-physician radiology group in Columbus, Georgia, one of Bo’s responsibilities was the groups billing and accounts receivable management. MSN was founded as the result of other groups seeking Bo’s services in the realm of practice management, billing and accounts receivable management services. In 1990, the local anesthesiology group approached him about their billing and MSN was founded as the result of other groups doing likewise. Today the company has grown to over 130 clients and 400 employees.