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MSN’s focus on providing outstanding customer service is backed up with strong industry knowledge, proactive communications, and a professional framework of regulatory compliance to make sure physicians are correctly paid for the work they do.

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Specialty Practices

MSN Healthcare Solutions has designated teams for your specialty practice

Radiology Billing

We understand the operational culture and needs of the radiology practice and carefully assembled a team of experienced billing and management experts, supported by industry leading technology.

Anesthesiology Billing

We have provided billing services to anesthesiology groups for nearly 30 years, so we understand your challenges and ensure the right people are on your team to make things happen.

Pathology Billing

Our staff offers more than 20 years of pathology billing experience, including work with hospital-based practices and has become one of the leading billing companies for pathology in the country.

Charge Capture

Do you know unbilled charges are one of the biggest areas of lost revenue for physicians? And with continued pressure on physician reimbursement, the last thing you want is to provide your services for free. MSN employs more people to make sure all client charges are captured, verified against source logs, and billed out. Every day.

Documentation. Physician Education. Coding.

The most effective billing begins with the physician and accurate documentation of the services rendered. MSN’s program of ongoing physician education keeps our clients current with clinical and regulatory requirements. The result is more accurate and compliant coding, and improved collections.

Denial Mitigation

Before we submit a client’s claims for services, we ensure they’re complete, error-free and can be accepted for payment – thereby speeding up cash flow from clean claims and reducing the potential for payer denials.

Accounts Receivable Control

MSN actively works the accounts receivable (bills submitted but not yet paid). Some billing companies simply run automated processes that grab the low-hanging fruit and then write off the rest to bad debt. Rather than allowing charges to stall and become old unresolved debt, MSN’s AR experts work to uncover why something is not being paid. This costs more than an automated process, but it’s part of MSN’s investment to do the right thing to achieve the best results for clients.

Balance of People and Technology

MSN knows a balance of people and technology is needed for effective billing. Our company invests more in expert people to work with payers, identifying and resolving root cause issues affecting payment for your services.

Patient Access

High deductible healthcare plans mean healthcare consumers are now the largest payer group for practices. Patients need multiple ways to access and pay their bills. MSN offers efficient tools for effective billing through e-statements/mail, an online patient portal with live chat, call centers with auto payment options and in-person operators, and consumer access from smart phone devices.


What a physician is paid seems to change almost daily in healthcare. That’s why MSN diligently updates our clients on issues and topics affecting reimbursement. And we train support staff whose work can impact the ultimate resolution of charges.

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