The MSN MIPit consulting team works closely with your organization and provides resources and expertise needed to organize and manage the MIPS program. Clients receive a detailed build plan and a tailored workbook detailing the client’s particular needs for a two-year cycle (the same cycle used by CMS), including an implementation strategy and assistance with measure selection. Then The MIPit team then provides support and guidance working through a plan (or plans—for multiple tax identification numbers) through with regularly scheduled calls and ongoing information. The client also receives audits of “Performance Met and Not Met” transactions, with specific, detailed coaching and gap analysis for “Performance Not Met” transactions.

After data submissions to CMS are completed for the reporting year, the MIPit team reviews each TIN or Provider CMS annual Quality Payment Program (QPP) report and will file an appeal if applicable. It should be noted this includes a review and update of provider files based on annual QPP tables, since this can impact scoring.

Much of the work implementing the plan is handled through conference calls and homework assignments, with work assigned both to MSN and the client. MIPit clients usually utilize the MSN QCDR and analytics are used extensively to suggest best case scenarios.

The MSN team also reviews, protests or approves the Physician Compare report during the 30-day review period. In addition, MIPit clients are provided ongoing education through webinars, including review of the Proposed/Final Rule and changes in the program.

MSN offers both a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) and a Qualified Registry (QR) and this year, will open it them beyond the MSN client base. MSN has an active QCDR Measures Development Workgroup that goes beyond simply accepting existing measures and works to ensure viable measures continue to be available to our clients. QCDR clients benefit from MSNs experience in value-based systems and enjoy the following benefits:

  • The opportunity to work with both MIPS and CMS-approved non-MIPS measures specialty focused for reporting
  • Monthly MIPS “Report Cards”
  • Performance reports by percentage, measure, physician and location
  • The ability to correct “Performance Not Met” measures on the MSN QCDR/QR portal to improve performance
  • MSN manages your annual submission of data and provides confirmation of the CMS submission
  • Quality data is electronically reported to CMS at year-end
  • Improvement Activities (IA) can be reported to CMS via the MSN QCDR/QR 
  • Access to MIPS resources, including educational Webinars
  • Sample topics include both Proposed and Final Rule regarding changes to value-based systems
  • Measure strategy and selection
  • Detailed descriptions from CMS, MIPS benchmarks, program information and educational materials from MSN and CMS

QCDR/QR clients have secured web access to specialized information, including additional measures available for the year, access to reports, annual reports, NPI tables, CMS MIPS benchmarks, program information and CMS educational materials