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Radiology Billing RFP Template

Your group has decided to change radiology billing companies, so now what? What kinds of things are important to know as your practice conducts its due diligence? If every billing company’s proposal covers something different, how do you judge?

This free Request for Proposal (RFP) format was originally the proprietary creation of a radiology consultant (who granted permission for MSN to publish it). There are two options available that can be adapted to your practice’s needs—one an interactive form and the other a PDF (static) version of the same questions. You control the information being requested – so billing company candidates respond to the same questions and can more easily be compared. You can: 

  • Have prospective billing companies complete the interactive form, OR
  • Use the PDF version to develop your own RFP format

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The free RFP format will help you confirm your new billing company has the infrastructure and expertise to handle a practice of your unique configuration by asking key questions about such topics as:

Experience in the radiology market

Coding certification and qualifications

Information systems and support

Management of offshore processes

Operational details that impact cash flow

How your practice would be transitioned to minimize cash flow disruptions

Details of what is (and isn’t) included in billing company fees

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Selecting a Radiology Billing Service​

Selecting the right billing service is one of the most important decisions your practice will face. Download the free e-book, Selecting a Radiology Billing Service: More than Just Price, so you can develop a sound decision-making process.

Download RFP Template

Download the free Radiology Billing RFP Template through the link below.