Anesthesiology Services

In today’s ever changing healthcare environment, anesthesiologists face unprecedented challenges and demands, especially when it comes to issues such as:

  • Contract negotiations
  • Compliance and strategic growth
  • Revenue Cycle Management

Therefore, it is critical to have a business partner that understands the needs and issues of today’s anesthesiology practice.


Below is a list of the Anesthesiology Services we offer:

  • Accurate billing of all types of anesthesia including Labor Epidurals, General Surgical Cases, Open Hearts, Acute Pain, Chronic Pain and more.
  • Physician and CRNA billing including the complex requirements of MAC billing and medical direction compliance
  • Experienced AAPC and anesthesia certified coders
  • Procure Demographic/Charge Information
  • Data Accuracy Verification
  • Coding from Physician Reports only
  • Analyze Billed Charge Fee Schedule with Recommendations
  • Data Entry
  • Direct Claims Submission
  • Managed Care Expertise
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Administration of Patient Payment Plans
  • Flexible Billing Cycles
  • Respond to Patient and Insurance Inquiries
  • Collect and Deposit Payments and Perform Refund Reconciliation of Overpayments
  • In-House Collection Program
  • Medicaid Pending Account Research
  • Workers’ Compensation Expertise
  • Bankruptcy and Patient Estate Verification
  • Legal Account Follow up
  • Private Pay Research
  • Carrier Arbitration and Government Payor Issue Resolution
  • Streamlined Appeals Process
  • Monitor Accounts Receivable Trends
  • Practice or New Location Startup
  • Office Management
  • Complete and Detailed Billing Management Reports