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Selecting a Radiology Billing Service: More than Just Price

Selecting the right billing service is one of the most important decisions your practice will face. Download the free e-book, Selecting a Radiology Billing Service: More than Just Price, so you can develop a sound decision-making process. Focus on critical success factors – and avoid falling for the glossy sales pitch.

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The question that frequently appears on the RBMA Practice Management Forum: “What’s a good rate for a billing company?”

It isn’t a bad question in itself, but the issue is unfortunately much more complicated than price alone, including what represents a “good deal.”  What else beyond price should a practice be looking for?  What are the variables impacting fees and what constitutes valueas opposed to just a good price? 

What happens if radiology billing fees are too low?

Why do you want to make sure the billing company audits daily hospital logs?

Why is it important the billing company’s coders are radiology certified?

How do you tell if the billing service’s size and scope match the needs of your practice?

How can the billing service help you manage your MIPS program?

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Radiology Billing RFP Template

The free RFP format will help you confirm your new billing company has the infrastructure and expertise to handle a practice of your unique configuration by asking key questions.

Download E-Book

Download the free E-Book: Selecting a Radiology Billing Service: More Than Just Price through the link below.