Terese Lee

Terese Lee

Can you share your story and road to recovery?

 It has now been almost 6 years ago that I was diagnosed.  My cancer was caught very early at my annual mammogram.  To this day I am so thankful for the radiologist physician that saw the small spot on the scan.  The radiologist’s Group is one of MSN client’s and a client I had worked with for 6 years at that point.  They recommended surgeons and oncologist that they thought would be best for me both medically and personality wise.  Although it is easier now to say it out-loud, I initially told very few people about my diagnosis which I think I figured out later was a denial thing for me.  I now speak up and say I am a Breast Cancer Survivor and truly believe that my annual Mammogram saved my life.  

Early detection is key. What are some of the warning signs that lead you to seek professional care?

Early detection is absolutely the key!  I had been having annual Mammograms annually for several years.   If I had skipped my annual appointment that year, my surgery and treatment could have been much more than what it was and the outcome could have been different.  

What would you like others to learn from your experience?

Have your annual Mammogram as soon as you are at the recommended age.

What helped keep your spirits up throughout your battle? What got you through this difficult period?

My faith, family and an understanding supportive employer while I had radiation visits 5 days per week.

How can loved ones support someone who is currently battling breast cancer?

My husband, my twin sister and my two sons made all the difference in me keeping my head up and dragging myself to all those radiation treatments each day.  They were there to listen to me whine when I was fearful or doubtful. 

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