Top 7 Anesthesia Survey Questions

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As the use of patient satisfaction surveys continues to rise in the anesthesia industry, here are some items to consider including in your question set.


Pre-Procedure Feedback

Asking if the patient’s anesthesia options, risks, and possible side-effects were adequately addressed during the pre-anesthesia assessment is useful information. Although all providers convey these points, the patient’s level of comprehension (of lack thereof) may be enlightening, especially if provider trends emerge.


Pre-op Holding Area Time

Anesthesia records contain many data points concerning the surgical episode of care, including in-room time, surgical open and close, and even
PACU time. One time segment that’s not typically recorded is pre-op holding area time. Knowing the average range of minutes that a patient waits in pre-op prior to surgery (0-30 minutes, 30-60 minutes, etc.) may identify process trends that can be shared with facility administrators.


Pain Management – Patient Experience with Peripheral Nerve Block

Proper management of post-surgical pain is of great importance, so this is another excellent data point for practices to track, especially those covering orthopedic cases. Asking this question also allows you to report on MIPS measure “ePreop 30”, which can help to boost your overall composite score.


Nerve Block Efficacy

To glean more detail from the question above, some practices ask the patient to comment on the duration of the nerve block administered (0-6 hours, 6-12 hours, etc.). This information can be useful in clinical comparisons at the provider and block-type level.


Overall Anesthesia Experience

This general question is useful in assessing the patient’s global perspective of their anesthesia experience and also has a MIPS measure assigned to it (AQI 48). Although it’s not as granular as some of the other questions listed, it’s able to be benchmarked, as almost all anesthesia surveys contain this inquiry.


Surgeon Feedback

This one is interesting. Rarely do groups consider soliciting feedback from their surgeons on anesthesia care. However, since surgeons are a de facto referral source, their satisfaction levels are of utmost importance. Although you wouldn’t want to query at the case level, it may be useful to do so on a monthly or quarterly basis. This might also influence future staffing considerations.


Google Reviews

Since surveys typically reach patients before they decide to leave a Google Review about your practice, it may be wise to consider using your survey scores to determine who might be a good candidate for a Google Review prompt. Such reviews are often viewed by patients, hospital administrators and even surgeons, to assess patients’ overall satisfaction with their anesthesia experience. Having the ability to change this narrative is powerful.

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